TBC Helping People

One of the most enriching aspects of life is to help another person in need. It is essential to the person in need to be helped by another, it is gratifying to you when you are able to help another person and it is inspiring to others to do the same when they have the opportunity to help another person. We often don’t think we either have the time to help someone else nor do we think we have the means or skills to help another in need. We live in a busy world where we are distracted all the time. We are filled with anxiety and often feel overwhelmed with all that we have to do. Just thinking about adding one more thing to our lives makes us feel anxious and stressed. Yet it is in these moments that we are most often given the choice to help someone else. I think God often presents opportunities to help others when we are personally anxious and overwhelmed because the gift of focusing on someone else’s need is just what we need to get our minds off of our own problems.

When confronted in the moment to help someone, we sometimes forget what we don’t have or the skills we don’t think we possess and we just jump right in and start helping the best we can. If we took a lot of time to think about helping, we might change our mind. We might talk ourselves out of it by thinking of our busy schedule…reviewing our to-do-list…or by telling ourselves we wouldn’t know what to say or how to help. In other instances, if we took the time to think about it, we might decide that the other person and their problems don’t deserve our help…they deserve what they are getting…or that we already tried to help them and they weren’t appreciative. But here is the thing – every time we are given an opportunity to help another person, it is also an opportunity to check our own hearts. The question is, “where is our heart?” when it comes to this person. More times than not, opportunities to help others is as much about our own heart’s condition as it is about helping the other person.

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Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.